Paul Kocher

President and Chief Scientist, Cryptography Research

May 22th, 2015, 11am-12pm, DBH 6011


Cryptography, Moore's Law, and Hardware Foundations for Security


As computing devices become more complex and inter-connected, data security is becoming more difficult. Paul Kocher, founder of Cryptography Research, will explore these challenges and the role of cryptography and chip architectures in managing the data security challenges ahead. The presentation begins by exploring how approaches to security have failed to scale with technical advances, in part because engineering strategies that have proven effective for implementing functionality are counterproductive for security. Power Analysis attacks will be used as an example of how layers of abstraction can conceal security challenges. The final part of the talk will focus on security strategies aimed at scaling more effectively, including solutions being developed at the Cryptography Research division of Rambus. These include on-chip hardware security solutions for SoCs, as security infrastructure for device manufacturing and management.

Speaker Bio:

Paul Kocher's technological work includes co-authoring the widely used SSL 3.0 standard, pioneering the field of side channel attacks, leading the design of the DES key search machine Deep Crack, and architecting the BD+ anti-piracy technology in the Bluray disc format. He founded and led Cryptography Research, which was acquired and became a division of Rambus in in 2011. Paul was also a founding member of Valicert, Inc. (IPO in 2000) and has served as an advisor to many computer security start-ups. Paul holds a BS in biology from Stanford University, and was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 2009.