George C. Polyzos

Professor, Athens University of Economics and Business, Department of Informatics, Greece

February 20th, 2015, 2pm-3pm, DBH 3011


Publish/Subscribe Internetworking and the H2020 POINT project


Inspired by the observation that the Internet is increasingly used for the dissemination of, or access to information, rather than for pair-wise communication between end hosts, Information-Centric Networking (ICN) is based on identifying information at the internetwork layer and employing information-awareness as the means for addressing a series of limitations in the current Internet architecture. The Publish/Subscribe Internet (PSI) architecture, a clean-slate ICN approach for the Future Internet, was designed to satisfy current and emerging user demands for pervasive information delivery. After a brief introduction to ICN, this talk will provide an overview of the PSI architecture (developed through two European projects, PSIRP and PURSUIT) and then present the premise of our new EU funded project POINT: IP Over ICN- the betTer IP, with goal to demonstrate commercially viable IP services over-ICN deployment. PSI provides native support for network layer caching, multicast, multi-path and multisource transport, security and privacy, and seamless mobility, which make it an excellent platform for ubiquitous multimedia information delivery for the future Internet and the Internet of Things.

Speaker Bio:

George C. Polyzos, Professor of Computer Science at the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB), founded and is leading the Mobile Multimedia Laboratory. Previously, he was Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at UCSD, where he was co-director of the Computer Systems Laboratory, member of the Steering Committee of the UCSD Center for Wireless Communications, and Senior Fellow of the San Diego Supercomputer Center. He received his Diploma in Electrical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens and his M.A.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Toronto. His current research interests include Internet architecture and protocols, mobile multimedia communications, wireless networks, ubiquitous computing, network security, and performance analysis of computer and communications systems. His research has been funded by NSF, the European Commission, the European Space Agency, the Greek GSRT and industry (from the US, including Microsoft Research, and Japan). He has been on the program committees of many conferences and workshops and is currently on the Steering Committee of the ACM SIGCOMM Information-Centric Networking Conference and the IFIP TC6 WG6.8 Wireless and Mobile Networking Conference.